Wall&Main Investment and Service Platform starts by Crowdfunding Itself

wallmainWall&Main is an innovative crowdfunding company dedicated to helping new and established businesses grow. We are a dedicated team of senior executives with broad and deep experience in launching and growing successful companies. We intend to do more than simply help companies raise the capital they need. Our objective long term is to help these companies have the best chance of success by providing services directly or partnering with “best in class” strategic service partners.

To accomplish this, Wall&Main is first crowdfunding itself. A few months later, we will begin to crowdfund other companies (we call them our “Showcase Companies” on the same donation based crowdfunding format (equity and debt crowdfunding not available in the US yet). One of many differentiations from other crowdfunding portals is that we believe helping Showcase Companies is just the start. Our objective is to help them ultimately build successful businesses for the people who back them (we call them them “Champions”). Our job simply is to bring Champions and Showcase Companies together in an ecosystem where all parties prosper.

The team at Wall&Main has raised billions of dollars for companies the traditional way – through angel investors, VCs, and private equity firms. We have built and managed successful businesses both big and small. We know the challenges. And we have a better way.

Having a great idea, working hard and even having enough capital is not enough. After we help entrepreneurs raise capital, we further contribute to their likelihood of success by offering them a complete eco-system of services to address every need they have – including marketing, finance, e-commerce, HR, and planning.

Wall&Main will offer these services by partnering with best in class providers.

Help Wall&Main crowdfund their success by seeing their list of United Mileage Rewards Here:

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