Grow VC Group Makes Strategic Investment in Crowdbaron


Hong Kong, October 31, 2013 – Grow VC Group announces it has made a strategic investment in Crowdbaron, a crowd investing service specializing in global real estate. Crowdbaron continues its existing crowd investing operations, with plans in place to expand and grow the business.

Crowdbaron today is Asia’s leading crowd investing service. It has successfully opened doors to global real estate investment to aspiring landlords in Asia. It aims to allow investors to diversify their investments in fast growing real estate markets around the world. With an initial focus in London real estate, Crowdbaron has already helped investors build a property portfolio worth an estimated USD$3.0 million. Additionally, requests to join the community

from aspiring landlords have reached USD$1.60 million, more than doubling the total from last month.



“We want to make finding global opportunities in real estate investment easy. At Crowdbaron we believe the property market should be as simple and as transparent as booking a hotel room for your next vacation – from the comforts of your living room.”, comments Saeed Hassan, CEO and founder of Crowdbaron. “We wanted to find a partner that has a great reputation and long term commitment to operate in this business, and the Grow VC Group is the optimal partner to develop Crowdbaron’s business and geographical expansion,” he continues.

“Crowdbaron has accomplished great things and opened a totally new way to invest in real estate and diversify risk”, comments Jouko Ahvenainen, Grow VC Group Chairman. “The Grow VC Group’s strategy is to build a leading innovative p2p and crowd investing model group through our own operations, strategic ownerships and partnerships. We already have a strategic position in many marketplaces, crowd investing platforms and investment vehicles. The strategic partnership with Crowdbaron is part of our strategy. Grow VC also sees Asia as an important area to develop new investment models. We want to ensure that Crowdbaron will be the leading real estate investment service for Asian investors”, Ahvenainen continues.

About the Grow VC Group

The Grow VC Group is the world leading, global pioneer of securities crowdfunding, peer-to-peer marketplaces, new investment models and global business development. Established in 2009, the Group has developed new investment models on six continents and continues to innovate the global market. The Group includes entities like Grow VC Operations, Crowd Valley Inc., Mutual Seed Fund, Grow Advisors, Kapipal and ChangeLab23.

About Crowdbaron

Crowdbaron is an Asia based crowd investing platform. Established in 2012, the service specializes in offering access to real estate assets and promotes diversification through investing globally. Through a transparent and efficient profit sharing model, Crowdbaron provides a doorway to the property market for all aspiring landlords– via crowd investing.


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