Exclusive interview with Community Funded founder McCabe Callahan

McCabe Callahan, CEO of Community Funded, a crowdfunding site for community projects, says he launched the business after having an “it moment” with cofounder Blue Hovatter. Their goal was to create a better way for members of communities to collaborate.

McCabe will join CrowdFundBeat for an exclusive, live interview on Monday, October 4, 2013 at 2:00 PM Eastern.

The following excerpt from the Community Funded site both introduces the team and the origins of the company:

Community Funded sprouted in the spring of 2011 from a back-patio discussion between Blue Hovatter and McCabe Callahan regarding a better way to encourage collaboration amongst communities of people. They had an it moment. Inspired by the clarity of their vision they began the process of creating a tool that would allow people to work together to make good ideas happen.

Ryan Stover joined the team after having his own it moment when presented with the concept. Ryan’s creativity helped transform the concept from ideas to designs and together the trio continued to develop and expand upon the Community Funded concept.

Looking for website development expertise, they called on old friend and expert programmer, Matt Price. The talented Matt Price gave life to the images and ideas that Blue, McCabe and Ryan called Community Funded. Matt committed to building the website full-time after seeingit’s potential.

Social-media guru Amy Alcorn got it immediately and joined the crew to share CF with the world. She quickly became an integral part of the team as she continued to refine and spread the Community Funded message. Amy now heads CF’s marketing efforts as well as being a driving force in the development of the CF Agents of Change program.

Devin D. Thorpe, CrowdFundBeat contributing editor, is the author of Crowdfunding for Social Good. Readers can follow him on Twitter at @devindthorpe.

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