CrowdFunding and Beyond with over $26 million raised so far

Chris Roberts at GDC   photo

Chris Roberts at GDC

By Christian Nutt,  Beyond crowdfunding: Chris Roberts urges you to turn backers into fans, When it comes to running a crowdfunding campaign, Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts — who’s helmed the most successful one over, with over $26 million raised so far — used his GDC Next presentation to make sure game developers don’t miss the real point:

“It’s not just about raising money…. this is the mistake I see a lot of other campaigns make. The best thing about crowdfunding is that you get to build your community early.”

“It’s very important to aggregate the people who are interested in your kind of game,” he says. Roberts wasn’t even sure, after a decade away from games, how many people were interested either in him or the space sim genre.

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He knows now: hundreds of thousands.But to keep that community engaged and to bring in newcomers is not simple or trivial. Roberts offers some advice:

“Make sure you are meeting the demands of your community.” “The community are very good at telling you actually how they want to support you, help you, and give you more money,” he says, and you should listen to them. In exchange you should let them “experience the journey of making the game alongside you.”

“Build your own site.” “It allows you to have complete control over the medium and message,” Roberts says. Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are “good for finding or initially building a community,” says Roberts, but not managing an ongoing one. There’s also an advantage in that they cross-promote projects to engaged potential backers. But beyond that, they’re a disadvantage: “it’s not necessarily great for interacting with your growing community,” says Roberts, and “once your campaign is over, that’s it. If new people come to the party, how do you get them to join?”

Offer them upgrades and perks a la carte. One big pivot for Star Citizen, says Roberts, is that the community wanted to collect starships. Initially, starships were tiered rewards, but now backers can simply buy them, and accrue more and more.

“We found people were making multiple pledges at different levels… to collect the starships,” he says. “We went to the community… Selling add-on spaceships was the number one request, and we never would have discovered that or been able to pivot to that on Kickstarter.”

“You can pivot much quicker than a big publisher can,” says Roberts. “You get rewarded when you do that.”

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