U.S. Equity Crowdfunding Infographic

By Oscar Jofre, U.S. EquityCrowdfunding is simple to understand and provides details to those who are considering raising capital via equity crowdfunding or launching a portal.
As of 23 September 2013, SEC Jobs Act Title II Equity Crowdfunding in the U.S. allows only accredited investors to invest. In the U.S., similar to Canada (Saskatchewan), there are 2 States (Georgia and Kansas) which have launched their own equity crowdfunding rules for specific to their respective states only. U.S. is already seeing very positive signs for equitycrowdfunding, as of 21 November 2013 $2.2 Billion has been raised under Title II, this is based on the SEC form D’s filed by issuers.
See below infograph on the current lay of the land for Equity Crowdfunding in the U.S..

Equity-Crowdfunding-in-USA2 (1)


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