Wearables company gives itself a makeover


By Robert Mullins, Wearables are the next big thing in gadgets with the arrival of Google Glass and other devices. Now one company nurturing wearables startups is changing its name from Stained Glass Labs to Wearable World.

The name change of the San Francisco-based company was announced today by co-founders Redg Snodgrass and Kyle Ellicott. Wearable World was launched in May of this year and serves as an incubator for startups in the wearable computers space. Think of devices like Google Glass or smartwatches like the Pebble. These and other gadget makers collectively are described as the Internet of Wearable Things (IOWT). Wearable World is also playing a big role in promoting the IOWT space by holding conferences, such as the Glazed Conference that I covered Sept. 30 in San Francisco.

It seems to be a smart move on Stained Glass Lab’s part to change to Wearable World, because the words “Stained Glass” don’t really resonate with people or explain what the company is about.

Besides the incubator and the conferences, Wearable World also offers a software coding event for wearable products called WeCodeWe and Wearable Wednesday, a one-day conference on wearable trends and other issues. The first Wearable Wednesday is scheduled for Dec. 11 in San Francisco.


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