9Lenses Announces a New Approach to Business Optimization: Crowd Sourcing Apps

9Lenses new cloud apps tap the social side of business strategy.

(PRWEB) January 31, 2013

9Lenses announced the release of 21 business optimization applications that enable any company to connect insights across their entire business. Best-of-breed companies spend millions of dollars annually attempting to optimize their assets, processes, and structures.

9Lenses’ applications allow anyone in the company to study, analyze, and connect optimization initiatives in one platform.

“Every company invests in optimization to drive performance,” says CEO and Founder of 9Lenes, Edwin Miller. “Leaders that really make a difference know how to facilitate positive outcomes. The way we do that in business is by asking great questions and crafting studies to pinpoint opportunities for improvement. The process of questioning, studying, and resolving business challenges is known as business optimization.”

9Lenes’ “insight to action” team designed this first set of apps to help executives learn about every part of their organization:

    • The Big Three: These 3 apps help the “C” suite analyze any company’s Assets, Processes, and Structures.


  • Snapshot9: These 4 apps allow CFOs and project managers in both product and service companies to optimize the financial health of any company, division, or group in minutes.


  • Deep Dives: These 9 apps provide targeted performance optimization in every part of a business including: Market, People, Finance, Strategy, Operations, Execution, Expectation, Governance, and Entity.


  • Operational Readiness: Uncovers insight into any company’s operational processes, systems, and infrastructure, along with its people and operating goals.


  • Entrepreneur Tool-Kit: This app enables entrepreneurs to assess their own readiness for business. The Tool-Kit helps entrepreneurs get organized for a pitch to VCs, close gaps across their entire business, and prepare for rapid change.


  • Corporate Responsibility: Mitigate risk by assessing, benchmarking, and filling gaps in any organization’s Corporate-Social Responsibility (CSR) policies.


  • The Vault: Measure any organization’s security via its Entity and Governance Lenses. This app examines everything from physical security to intellectual property and insurance.


  • Accounting Analysis: This app is designed to uncover root causes of financial problems, discover drivers of financial success, and measure the impact of all financial decisions.


Each of these applications connects all of the insight gained to a schema that relates inbound data to every other part of the company. Unfortunately, most companies don’t use a schema like 9Lenses to interrelate optimization efforts, and instead labor in disconnected silos.

“The Head of HR runs customer engagement and employee satisfaction studies; the CEO assesses leadership alignment; the CFO is consumed by financial models; the CMO grapples with market timing and customer outreach projects; it’s a mess,” observes 9Lenses’ VP of Operations Steve Schaffer. “Valuable data and analysis is wasted for want of connection.”

9Lenses’ new cloud-based applications solve that problem by interrelating all optimization data within a schema that encompasses every facet of a business. As a result, the time it takes to discover and connect disparate data falls by as much as 90%. The McKinsey Global Institute estimated in July of this year that the global economy loses between $600-866 billion annually due to disconnected knowledge, expertise, and data within businesses.

Stopping that loss requires businesses to collaborate and leverage social technologies like never before. When asked why it is important for business leaders to learn in a schema, Miller replied “Because the schema relates what I’m doing as the CEO to the culture oriented decisions in HR and the financial analysis conducted by my CFO. Our age is one of unprecedented change. Successful leaders cannot adapt, scale, and remain competitive unless they learn, assess, and optimize every part of their business, holistically.”

Miller went on to articulate 3 competitive advantages that stem from connected learning:        

1. Efficiency improves as optimization efforts are centralized.
2. Costs contract because the number of study/survey/assessment vendors collapses to one.
3. Leaders drive performance, efficiency, and accountability with real-time data across every part of the business.

Praise for the Apps:

“After reviewing the results, my first thought is that it takes a certain amount of courage to assess your company from the inside-out. I now believe it would be leadership suicide not to assess the company on a regular basis.”

~Dusty Wince, CEO of KCG

“9Lenses’ crowd sourcing software provided piercing insight into every part of my business. I’ve never seen anything comparable! It’s like McKinsey’s analytics meets Yammer’s social engagement platform—but better. 9Lenses’ application sessions are entirely cloud-based which enabled us to pinpoint actionable opportunities for improvement in hours, not weeks or months. The analytics are rich, deep, and comprehensive. A must have for any business committed to continuous improvement.”

~ Peter Fitzsimmons, CEO of Primatics Financial


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