Unbound akzeptiert Bitcoin

Dominic Frisby

Dominic Frisby, Foto: Kampagnen-Video

CrowdFundBeat.de Eric Schreyer, 21.02.2014 – Crowdfunding hat wieder etwas Anarchisches. Schon seit Jahren wird die Subskription von Büchern ermöglicht, das ist die Urform des Crowdfunding. Aber jetzt kann man dort sogar mit Bitcoin bezahlen! Wo? Bei Unbound, einer britischen Plattform für e-Books unabhängiger Autoren. Auslöser war das aktuelle Crowdfunding für Dominic Frisbys “Bitcoin – The Future of Money”. Der populäre britische Comedian erntet viel Lob:

“Dominic Frisby has gone and done something extraordinary: written a page-turner on the economy,’ James Harding, BBC Director of News and Current Affairs.

A brilliant book – it will do more good than all my speeches in parliament,’ Steve Baker, MP.

It’s incredibly readable and incredibly thought-provoking,’ Al Murray, the Pub Landlord”

Kieran Topping, CTO bei Unbound, begründet die Entscheidung für Bitcoin:

In part, we are “eating our own dog food”. Bitcoin, by Dominic Frisby has been on Unbound for a week and is 71% funded at the time of writing. This is not the only reason though. Bitcoin brings a remarkable number of other benefits, to merchants and customers alike:

  • There are no worries about counterfeit cash, fake cheques, or stolen credit cards. If a bitcoin transaction completes, it’s real.
  • Merchant charges are lower. With BitPay for example, the transaction fee is at most 1%, decreasing quickly with volume.
  • International customers pay no currency commission and get a better exchange rate.
  • Bitcoin is not susceptible to chargebacks – when purchasers don’t recognize the line item on their credit card account, and request cancellation. Of course, this doesn’t change our customers’ statutory rights, or our undertaking to refund any pledge immediately, upon request.
  • If you install a wallet app on your smartphone, paying with Bitcoin is as simple as scanning a QR code and clicking “ok”.

Now, Bitcoin’s not for everyone yet but I’m convinced that it will become even easier to adopt in time and has a really interesting future. At Unbound we love new ideas. Our business is books. Books have the potential to change the world. So does Bitcoin.


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  1. 27/02/2014 at 19:05

    Die (überwiegnd Australische) Plattform Pozible.com akzepiert auch schon eine Weile lang Bitcoin.

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