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Crowdfunding ermöglicht Innovation? Pustekuchen!

Crowdfunding ermöglicht Innovation? Pustekuchen! Eric Schreyer, 27.03.2014 – Oculus war die Zukunft des Gaming. Jetzt ist es die Zukunft von Facebook. Auf Kickstarter bringt das die Unterstützer in Rage: DExUS about 4 hours ago: “I am a minor backer and after I had ordered DK2 I hate to see Oculus join facebook. Facebook is something I hate from the bottom of my heart (never joined it) .. the news totally ruined my day and I’m thinking of canceling my pre-order.”   Kiran Reddy about 5 hours ago: “Two companies died with the announcement. Oculus and Kickstarter. The rise and…

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